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Defense for Simple & Aggravated Assault Charges

Assault is the act of threatening or attempting to harm another person. Classified as a misdemeanor offense, a simple assault conviction could result in a number of court-imposed penalties as well as a permanent criminal record that can have an impact on your future. It is best to enlist a trusted Athens assault and battery defense attorney for help.

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Simple Assault & Battery Laws

Whereas a simple battery charge involves actually injuring another person, a person who commits simple assault might never touch the victim. For example, if an individual has a raised fist and threatens to punch another person, this is classified as assault. Attempting to hurt another person, such as a missed kick or punch, is also assault.

What is the difference between assault and battery?

  • Simple assault does not necessarily involve physical touching. Anyone who feels threatened by someone's actions could file an assault charge.
  • Simple battery involves the unlawful use of force on someone's body. It is a criminal charge if the act was intended to cause harm to another person.

If convicted of simple assault, you could be sentenced to up to one year behind bars and up to $1,000 in fines. Other potential penalties could include probation and community service. For assault cases that involve extenuating circumstances, such as a firearm or spouse, the charge could be upgraded to aggravated assault, which carries additional penalties.

In addition to the court-imposed consequences, you could also face repercussions in your professional and personal life. For example, having a battery or aggravated battery conviction on your record could make applying for jobs much more difficult. It can even affect your ability to travel internationally.

Fighting An Assault Or Battery Charge

Depending on the circumstances, getting a simple assault charge dismissed may be possible. A defense lawyer can evaluate your case to determine the credibility of alleged victim and file the necessary motion for case dismissal. He or she can also work with the prosecution to get the charges reduced.

There are also a number of defenses that can be used to fight assault cases. For example, if a threat was made over the telephone or computer and there was no indication that the defendant would follow through on the action, a defense lawyer can challenge the charge.

A number of elements must be proven during the course of a battery case, the most important of which is intent. If a defense lawyer can establish that you did not intend to hurt the other person, or that you were acting in self defense, this can help with your case.

Athens criminal defense lawyer Lee Webb has helped a number of clients successfully fight their assault and battery cases. His ultimate goal is to secure the dismissal, acquittal or reduction of simple battery charges so clients can avoid the consequences of a conviction.

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