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Being charged with a drug crime in Georgia is very serious, and you need an experienced drug criminal defense attorney in Athens who can fight for your rights. There are a number of different Georgia drug crimes, but they can all have lasting effects on the rest of your life if convicted, especially if you are currently a student at the University of Georgia. You need solid, proactive representation from day one, to ensure that you are treated fairly and receive the minimal possible consequence.

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Drug Charges In Georgia

There are a multitude of drug crimes you can be charged with in Georgia, but some of the more common ones are also the ones that carry very stiff penalties. Below we list some of these charges and their penalties.

Georgia Drug Charges & Penalties

  • Cocaine possession is a felony charge. There are mandatory minimum guidelines set by the Federal government, so even if it is your first offense, if you are convicted of cocaine possession you face between 1 and 15 years in prison, and the possibility of $100,000 in fines.
  • Methamphetamine possession is very serious, and even for minor amounts, you could face massive fines and prison time of between 2 and 20 years. These penalties increase based on a number of different factors.
  • Marijuana possession in Athens can be very serious, even if it is a first offense. If you are caught with more than an ounce of marijuana in Georgia, you may face felony charges.
  • Possession of a controlled substance is another common drug charge in Georgia. The severity of the penalties you are facing depend not only on which drug is found in your possession, but the amount of the drug. There are drug diversion programs available in some limited circumstances in Georgia for first time drug possession offenders, and if you are able to successfully complete such a program you could end up with no criminal record.
  • Minors in possession of drugs are in immediate need of an aggressive criminal defense attorney. You could lose your license, face major fines, and even jail time, not to mention the lifelong consequences of having a drug conviction on your record.
  • Possession of drug paraphernalia can land you with criminal charges even if you do not have any drugs in your possession. This is a misdemeanor charge, but still carries the potential for jail time and a permanent criminal record.
  • Possession with intent to distribute charges are more serious than simple possession. A person convicted can face many years in prison, and tens of thousands of dollars in fines.
  • Drug Trafficking carries the most serious penalties of all drug charges. In fact, the jail sentences imposed on those convicted of drug trafficking are similar to those imposed on people convicted of violent crimes like rape and armed robbery.

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