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Possession of Marijuana Defense in Georgia

Understanding Weed Laws & Penalties in GA

Marijuana LeavesWhile the rest of the country loosens the restrictions on marijuana usage and possession, Georgia is not yet moving in that direction. If you are convicted of marijuana possession in Georgia, you can lose your driver’s license as a condition of probation, in addition to the other penalties. You can even be found guilty of possession of marijuana even if the police do not find the marijuana on your body.

If the police find marijuana on your coffee table, in your glove compartment, or anywhere else, you can still be arrested if they believe you are “in control” of the marijuana. In fact, if you are with a group (i.e. 4 people in a car) everybody can be charged with possessing a single bag of marijuana.

First time marijuana possession penalties in Georgia can include:

If you have been charged with marijuana possession in Athens, you are facing serious, life-altering penalties. Even possession of less than an ounce in Georgia can lead to severe consequences. ​It is important when facing any drug charges in Georgia that you consult a proactive, well-respected Athens marijuana defense lawyer.

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Georgia's Diversion Program for First Time Offenders

Diversion programs are particularly common in first time marijuana possession cases. What the court ultimately requires of you depends on the judge, but it is usually includes substance abuse classes, drug therapy, and/or community service. If you fulfill the requirements the court imposes, then the charge will be dismissed. Since the charge is dismissed at the end of successful completion of the program, you have no criminal record at the end.

Of course, we will fight to get clients involved in this program if we are unable to get your charges dismissed. However, if you are allowed into the diversion program and do not comply with the court’s requirements, your charge will be placed on a criminal trial calendar, and you could face the maximum sentence for a first time offender charged.

Athens marijuana lawyer J. Lee Webb is ready to help you fight your marijuana possession charge and protect your criminal record. There several strategies for negotiating a possession charge. Some options depend on whether this is a first arrest for possession. If you or a loved one has been arrested for marijuana possession in Athens, the Law Offices of Lee Webb can help you fight it and hopefully avoid any criminal record. Reach out to us today for a consultation on your case if you are facing drug charges in Athens.

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