Incidentals After a DUI Case

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In addition to dealing with the legal aspects of your DUI—such as a hearing—you will also be faced with handling incidentals. Understanding the procedures that accompany each of these things, i.e. getting your car out of impound, can be complicated, expensive, and frustrating. To help you navigate the complexities surrounding incidentals and resolve pending issues as quickly as possible, an Athens DUI attorney can help.

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Incidentals You May Have To Deal With

The specific incidentals that you may have to deal with will depend upon the distinct factors surrounding your case.

Some issues that you may have to resolve include:

  • Getting your car out of impound
  • Having any seized property returned
  • Dealing with a bonding company and sheriff’s department.

Having Your Car Returned

If the Officer impounded your car when you were arrested for a DUI, you will need to go to the impound lot. The sheriff’s office can tell you which towing company took your car. Usually they will supply you with instructions and directions. Call the tow company and ask what information and documents you will need to have them release your car. Also, be sure to ask how much money to bring to have the car released.

Recovering Property

Recovering property that was seized—such as your car or any items in it—is another concern following a DUI charge. Generally, in order to recover seized property, your criminal case must be closed and permission to recover your property must be given by the prosecuting agency.

Dealing with a Bonding Company

A bail bond is a contract between Georgia courts, a co-signer, and a bail bond company. This is how it works: a co-signer guarantees that the accused person will show up for all scheduled court dates. If the accused does in fact appear, then the amount of posted bail will be returned. If you do not show up for all scheduled court dates, however, then you (or your co-signer) are liable for all amounts of the bond, as well as any additional expenses. Understanding how bonds work can be complicated; an attorney can help.

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The sooner that you contact an experienced Athens DUI lawyer, the sooner that you can begin dealing with incidentals and fighting the charges pending against you.

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