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What Are The Top White Collar Crimes I Can Be Arrested For In Georgia?



White collar crime – what exactly does that mean? White collar crime encompasses a wide range of crimes, but there is generally one common theme – the crime is usually non-violent, carried out by deceitful means, and is typically committed in an attempt to gain financial benefits. Some of the most common white collar crimes are those involving fraud, embezzlement, tax evasion and money laundering. The range of white collar crimes is extensive – bank, healthcare, tax and investment fraud; bribery, blackmail and extortion; insider trading and embezzlement; and identity theft – any act of trying to make a financial gain at the expense of someone else by using deception may fit the description of a white collar crime. Despite the fact that white collar crimes are typically non-violent crimes, they are prosecuted rigorously in the State of Georgia. Georgia Code Section 16-9-1 sets forth white collar crime law in Georgia; the list is comprehensive and details the elements of each crime as well as classification and applicable penalties for each.

Identity Theft – A Growing Crime That Affects Us All

Perhaps the newest type of white collar crime – and the fastest growing type as well – is identity theft. Identity theft, or identity fraud, refers to any crime in which someone obtains and uses without permission another person’s personal data fraudulently for their own economic gain. Stealing or misusing someone’s personal identifying information such as credit information or history, Social Security numbers, credit card numbers, or PIN numbers are all illegal activities. Some other types of identity theft include opening credit accounts or taking out loans using another person’s credit record, using another person’s social security number to obtain benefits, filing an income tax return using another person’s Social Security number, and using another person’s identity during the course of committing a crime to avoid having the crime added to a criminal history record.

Identity Theft’s Unwitting Victims

Usually the identity theft occurs without the victim knowing it – at least at first. The ramifications of this type of theft are far reaching and long lasting, often creating unbelievable hassles and headaches for the victim for years afterwards to restore their credit. The government recognized these issues in the late 1990s and made identity theft a new federal offense. The possible consequences of committing identity theft could include penalties such as fines, restitution to the victims, jail or prison time, and a permanent criminal record. With a felony conviction, your ability to work in certain jobs, vote, own guns, and even travel outside of the country could be jeopardized.

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